Absolute Blak Medium Dark

Absolute Black Premium Plus

Amazon Green

Amba White

Antique White

Antique River White


Astoria Light


Baltic Brown

Bengal White

Black Galaxy

Black Galaxy Royale

Black Pearl

Black Supreme

Blue Pearl

Classic Ivory

Cloudy White

Coffee Brown

Coffee Brown Suede Brown

Colombo Juperana

Colonial White

Crystal White

Crystal Yellow

Desert Brown

Emerald Pearl

Fantasy Blue Amadeus Blue

Fantasy White

Ghiblee Gold

Ghiblee Light

Golden Beach

Golden Dream

Golden Fantasy

Golden Waves

Hassan Green

Himalayan Blue

Ikon Brown

Impala Black

Imperial Gold

Imperial Red

Indian Bianco Antique

Indian Dakota

Ivory Cream

Ivory Fantasy

Ivory Gold

Ivory Shiffon

Kashmir Gold

Kashmir White

Kuppam Green

Lady Dream

Madura Gold

Millenium Cream

Monte Cristo

Moon White

New Ivory Fantasy

New Kashmir White

New Meera White

Orrisa Blue

Paradiso Bash

Paradiso Classic

Parana Bordeaux


Red Multi Colour

Regal Black

River White Ambrosia

River White Lot


Rosewood Light

Saphire Blue

Silver Paradiso Silver

Silver Paradiso

Spyke Black

Steel Grey

Suede Brown

Surf Green

Tan Brown Dark

Thunder White

Tropical Green

Viscont White

Viscon White Silver Cloud

Vizag Blue

Vyara Gold

Alaska White

Pebble White

Available Sizes or as per your requirement : (Slabs) 

  • Gangsaw Slabs : 180up x 280up
  • Mini Gangsaw Slabs : 120up x 240up
  • Cutter Slabs : 60up x 180up
  • Undersized Slabs : 60up x 120up
  • Cut-to-Size : Exact to requirement

Thickness Available * Or as per requirement

 2cm, 3cm, 4cm, 5cm, 6cm, 7cm, 8cm, 9cm, 10cm, 11cm, 12cm

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