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Known as “The Unique India Stone Company,” Chariot International Pvt. Ltd., prides itself on being a brand that is mentally systematic, meticulous and culturally in tune with cut-to-size precision. The Bangalore, India-based company believes in communication during every step of the exporting process, and it continues to evolve after 25 years in business. Two years ago there was an opportunity to initiate setting up this fully automated fabrication facility catered towards commercial and residential jobs, and Chariot seized it.

Currently, its distribution offices reside in Germany, Poland, Belgium and other parts of the world, but Chariot is working to expand more into the North American market. It is the only fully automated fabrication facility in India with four in-house CAD engineers, and it is equipped to facilitate and output any kind of job with a range of intricacies in an expedited manner.

“We want to capture the whole North American market and become the biggest supporter and partner for K&B commercial and residential requirements,” Sandeep K. Wadhwa, Managing Director of Chariot, said. “Currently we are in New York, Atlanta and Florida, however, we would like to expand and are excited to demonstrate our abilities at KBIS!”

Equipped with the Best Machinery

Being thorough and precise is what drives the company. Chariot particularly focuses on the finishing in its quality and systems to deliver categorical products. It uses the best machines and processes including: GMM CNC Bridge-Saws to cut and profile any design, GMM Edge Profiling Polishers to enhance the gloss of products, flow water-Jets for precision cutting, a 40-member sink hand-polishing team, thorough inspections and more. These systems allow for executing three to five containers full for export in one week. Chariot is also the only company that has perfected the 45-degree mitre edge cut on porcelain countertops. For material sourcing, Chariot set up facilities and partnerships with equity investments that are close to the quarries to reduce transportation, and it also has an in-house granite plant.

Corporate Responsibility

Environmental awareness and offering support to employees are important factors of Chariot’s company philosophy. The company features both an in-house water and chemical recycling plant and wells, and all waste is reused for construction. Chariot also supports all of its laborers, employees and their children with education and training certifications, higher education training and specific courses. The company also donates to and supports the local community in similar ways with various educational initiatives about safe practices.

  • In aim to be socialy conscious we currently support all our labors, employees and their children towards their education and training certifications and higher education trainings and specific courses.
  • All housing's are supported and ensure they are well nourished.
  • Further we engage in donations and support to the local community in similar ways and initiatives to educate the community on safe practices, etc.
  • We are always hoping to explore more ways to support our employees and community with social responsibility in mind.

Why Choose Chariot

Chariot strives to provide value for money spent, and it supports an open, transparent approach. The company aims to provide moderately low pricing and to clearly communicate from the point of raw material stage to packing to shipping


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Affiliations / Awards

Heritage : Chariot’s Visionaries

Sandeep K. Wadhwa (Managing Director)

Sandeep K. Wadhwa’s vision, vigilance and strength have driven him to create the Chariot International we all know today. Having grown from within the industry instilled him with the qualities of an entrepreneur, as he has performed at every profile within the organization and relates to its intricacies. He has exceptional skill in all operational activities, sourcing stones, production and especially marketing. As a charismatic Managing Director he embodies a calm, calculated and decisive nature, inspiring and valuing his customers, employees and colleagues as partners in business. Equally contributing to the success of developing Chariot International as a global institution, he entrusts the reins of those capable professionals who believe in this common vision and motivates everyone to become not only better professionals but also better human beings.

Kristofer J. Pütz (Asst Vice President – Sales & Marketing)

Kristofer J. Putz is a well-rounded individual whose vast cultural background contributes to his grasp of many International languages. Beyond which he has excelled in intently growing into a talented and experienced sales and marketing business developer. His personable and systematic methods enable him to not only implement/evolve innovative strategies but also connect with all reaches of the industry. Kristofer’s comprehensive knowledge of natural stones and its processes equip him to cater forthcoming potential prospects with diligence.

Mini Baiju (Asst Vice President – CRM)

Mini Baiju currently has been in the industry for several years now and all long with Chariot International and has grown accustomed to catering to customers needs by understanding the intricacies of this unique business. She is cool and calm under pressure and is a timely problem solver, however she is almost always prepared for any outcome and handles any situation with grace. She has built and established a true rapport with our existing customers.

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