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We have diversified our offerings with a wholesale option of vanity tops for export distribution purposes and or your project end use. When choosing a vanity design for your center or project it is important to find one that is stylish and elegant as well as strong and durable for everyday use.

When you're looking for a new vanity top Chariot International ® is sure to have just what you're looking for. With so many options, choosing a vanity top can be a challenge, but the below information will help you find the perfect ensemble for your business. Most vanities have a depth of 19 to 22 inches and are available in many different widths to accommodate almost any bathroom. Typically, a height of 31 to 35 inches will be the most comfortable for a range of your users.

Many vanity tops also include other options such as color scheme, a sink location, number of bowls, bowl shapes, bowl installation type (undermount etc) and splashes. Vanity tops also feature predrilled hole options for sink faucets. The number of holes and type of layout is determined by your choice of faucet. Most vanity tops have an included backsplash, and side-splashes are available to complete the look.

Its applications stretch to countertops, exterior floors, interior floors, facades, interior walls and flooring.

Vanity tops are available in many stylish materials to accentuate your
bathroom's design elements. Some of the materials include:


Ceramic vanity tops are made from nonporous porcelain, making them highly durable and easy to wipe clean.


This natural stone material is very durable once installed. The color/pattern will have natural variance. Menards® offers a pre-sealed option.


This manufactured material is incredibly stain resistant and maintains a consistent color/pattern. It is fairly easy to keep clean and requires little maintenance.


This man-made material has the feel and look of natural stone.
It is extremely durable, nonporous, has a consistent color/pattern, and is maintenance free.

Solid Surface

This man-made material is stain resistant, nonporous,
and provides a seamless appearance.

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